Inmotion Hosting Review – Quality Small Business Hosting

If you are looking for one of the top rated business web hosting companies, then InMotion Hosting is the site for you. For a low monthly fee, you will be able to get great hosting service with many features and freebies. The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you have a company that people trust and that businesses can rely on for great service and Internet security. This InMotion Hosting Review is to let you know that you will soon have the best web hosting service for your personal blog or business websites.

Websites Live All Day and Night

From the experience of thousands of website owners using InMotion hosting, there is 99.9% uptime, meaning that your website will always be live to meet the needs of your internet visitors. This is a very important thing, especially for an ecommerce website. An ecommerce site that is not available when a prospective customer visits could mean a loss of some thousands of dollars in lost revenue. If you want your business to grow, this is an important thing you need to consider.

Different Hosting Plans

InMotion has different hosting plans for all uses, whether you want to run a company with lots of business activities, a small business where few internet visitors are expected or a personal blog to share your thoughts with friends and family.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server hosting plan of InMotion is worth mentioning here, as it is the best in the industry in terms of features and price. With the hosting plan, you will enjoy free licensed cPanel, separate website hosting, unlimited domains, optional root access, many dedicated IP addresses and customize firewall, with all providing different options for selecting the operating system (OS).

The Elite dedicated server plan is the best, though the most expensive. It is ideal for hosting large authority websites in case you need to manage complex applications. The plan also comes with 8MB CPU Cache, 8GB RAM Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.53GHz processors, 2x500GB of Disk Space and 2500GB Bandwidth – for just $279.95/month if the annual package is chosen.

The Advanced dedicated server hosting plan comes with 6MB CPU Cache, 4GB RAM Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.40GHz processors, disk space of 2x250GB and 2000GB Bandwidth – $219.95/month if the annual package is chosen. This is another good option that many people use today.

VPS Hosting

If you run a small or medium business, and are on a budget, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the best for you, as it has the features of a dedicated server, but only sharing the server with few clients. This is very cheap at just $129.95/month. The “best value” plan is a $64.95 per month plan where you will enjoy 5 dedicated IP addresses, 2 GB of burstable memory and 768 MB of dedicated memory. Every month, you will enjoy 1,500 GB of file transfer, with backups at every 24-36 hours.

Business Class Hosting

This is the hosting plan that is ideal for those who run a small business, where the sites would not require many advanced tools. Most people still go for this hosting plan, and the great thing is that the service provided by InMotion is the cheapest in the industry. Some sites charge close to $200 per month for business hosting and InMotion has prices under $6 per month. Some of the things which make this plan to be the best are unlimited domain hosting, unlimited subdomain hosting, unlimited disk space, and being able to manage thousands of FTP accounts from a single hosting account.

Personal/Cheap Hosting

There are many people who like writing, not for business purposes but just out of passion. They like to share ideas about life with other, motivating them on different areas. The internet provides the best means for doing this, and the best way of doing that is to create a personal blog where your friends, colleagues, family and other people could read those things and even make comments. That is where InMotion comes in.

The company has a cheap hosting plan for that – as low as $5 per month, and you will have up to 200GB disk space, 2GB monthly transfer and an easy-to-use control panel which you can try before buying the plan. In addition, this hosting comes with many email features for sending mails to your readers and receiving their feedback. If you are good at website designing, this hosting also includes a website builder, Coppermine image gallery, FrontPage extensions, general image galleries and compatibility with Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live.

Freebie Advertising

When you choose InMotion Hosting, you can get a lot of great freebies that make your money fee seem like nothing. Even if you spent $6 per month on your web hosting services, you would spend $72 per year. The freebies that InMotion offers to its customers include:

  • $100 in ad credits with Google AdWords
  • $75 in ad credits with Yahoo! and Bing

Just the advertising credits alone earn you over $100 in profit, just for spending less than $6 per month with InMotion Hosting. According to experts, the advertising credits can boost sales by more than 18%, in addition to having an increase in word-of-mouth sales for more business growth. The more you get your name out there in the Internet world, the more money you can potentially make.

Best Plan for You

InMotion Hosting lets you choose between many different plans. They do not offer unlimited space on their cheap personal hosting sites. However, InMotion Hosting does give many cool features on their more expensive hosting plans. It is important that you look at all of the options with all of the plans to choose the best plan for your website.

Money Back Guarantees

With InMotion Hosting, you can choose between different plans with different money back guarantees. Some of the other optional features with each plan include how many email accounts with spam protection you want and what types of design features you need. You will have to pay more if you want to have personal website design services.

Showing trackbacks with Disqus

Currently one of the limitations of using the otherwise great comments service Disqus is that it doesn’t allow you to display trackbacks/pingbacks.  Apparently this will be fixed in a future release of the Disqus WordPress plugin, but for now it’s not working.

The trackbacks you receive are still stored locally in your database, despite them not being displayed, so you can access them. However there isn’t a built-in way to access just the list of trackbacks. Trackbacks are stored as comments in the wp_comments table and are identified by a comment_type of either ‘trackback‘ or ‘pingback‘. (For our purposes here, there’s no real difference between the two. For more info on what the actual difference is, see this page) So, if you wanted to you could write up a bit of PHP that pulled all the trackbacks out of the database & displayed them on your blog, but for a lot of people this is a bit much.

If you look on this page, you can see a list of the trackbacks that page has received. It’s a very simple list, I’m not displaying the text snippet that usually comes with trackbacks, but that’s just personal preference. If you’d like to be able to display your trackbacks without having to worry about writing code yourself I’ve got a really simple plugin that lets you do this here. The plugin adds 2 functions, get_approved_trackbacks & trackbacks_templateget_approved_trackbackstakes the post id as an argument and returns a list of the trackbacks that have been approved (moderated) for that post. trackbacks_template is essentially an additional template tag to be used in the same way as comments_template() is used on the single.php template file.

So for example, if you wanted to display the trackbacks before the comments, download & install the plugin. Then open up the single.php template file for your site & find the line <?php comments_template(); ?>. Stick <?php trackbacks_template(); ?> on the line above it. This will display the trackbacks as an unordered list inside a div with the id “trackbackslist” with a h3 heading “Trackbacks” above the list. However if you’d like to style it differently, it will also look for a template file called trackbacks.php in your template folder. If it finds that it will use that to render the trackbacks.  This is what I’m doing here so as to not display the trackback text.  By default the plugin will display that too.

Obviously this is an advanced option, and only for those familiar with HTML & PHP.  For those people, the plugin provides a variable called $trackbacks which is an array of comment objects. The code that I’ve used to display the trackbacks by default is contained in a file called ‘trackbacks.php’ in the plugin folder, which you can copy into your template folder to use as a starting point for styling your own list.

Hopefully Disqus will sort out what it’s going to do with trackbacks, according to Daniel from Disqus it’s coming soon.  I’m pretty happy with their service, they’ve been really responsive to any support requests and they’ve had pretty solid uptime.  The lack of trackbacks isn’t really a big deal to me, but I do like to show who’s discussing my posts. As usual please leave comments / bug reports on the plugin’s page.

How to Find the Biggest Web Hosting Deals for Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016 is coming up, and you might want to get off your couches and hit the stores? But wait, you don’t really have to, as Black Friday is already online. Yeah, that’s right, you can get your favourites with jaw dropping discount right on your smartphone or laptop (or whatever it is).

I am writing this post to mention that web hosting companies (the wise ones) have already started their Black Friday web hosting deals. If you are looking forward for this or happen to be interested in it, then you have landed on the right page as here we will be discussing the biggest Black Friday web hosting offers.

The best collection of deals I have found is Black Friday Deals on Hosting Manual. I will add a link to each deal in my list for your convenience.

But What is Black Friday?

For those of you who don’t know what this is, relax. Black Friday is not some kind of dark ritual instead it might be one of the happiest days in a year as almost all retailers put out grand sales to clear out stocks.

So it’s like a feast day for shopaholics. But hey, those looking for expanding or even starting out their businesses have a great opportunity as they can avail some of these amazing web hosting deals.

The Grandest Deals of 2016

After several hectic researches, we have been finally able to list out the biggest Black Friday web hosting offers of 2016. What’s interesting is that these offers are already live and can be availed right away.


Bluehost Black Friday

Bluehost definitely comes 1st in this list as the company is offering an unbelievable 75% discount! This pretty much sums up how Bluehost wants to gain the trust of their customers and establish a wide user base.

Being one of the most preferred web hosting company, Bluehost has gained a significant prominence within the online markets. This 75% discount is applicable for all the different packages which means that you just have to pay $3.25 per month. What’s interesting is that the prices will get even lower to as much as $2.95 per month on Cyber Monday.


Siteground Black Friday

SiteGround is offering flat 70% discount for this year’s web hosting offers. Therefore it comes 2nd in this list. SiteGround is one of the most popular names in web hosting as the company has more than 300,000 users.

The speciality of SiteGround is that the company focuses on every type of users/customers, whether they are just starting out in this business or are experienced players. Similarly, the company has presented several different plans and packages for catering different needs. Availing the offers of SiteGround is rather very simple and easy as the visitors will be able to figure out the steps themselves as soon as they land on the homepage of the official website.


Justhost Black Friday

Listen to the name ‘JustHost’, it seems this company is just perfect for web hosting and indeed they are as the company has been known to provide quality services. For this year’s Black Friday, JustHost is presenting 60% off in every package as 2016 web hosting offers.

60% discount means customers have to pay as low as $2.95 per month and besides this great jaw dropping sale, customers also get additional treats like free domain name registration and script library, 30 days return policy, unlimited GBs hosting space, cPanel control panel and unlimited domain hosting and data transfer.


FatCow Black Friday

Although not utterly popular, Fatcow might be one of the best web hosting companies out there. For this year, Fatcow is offering as much as 60% off in their 2016 Black Friday web hosting deals.

The original plan of Fatcow costs $49 per year. The company has presented 2 plans for WordPress hosting which are WP Starter and WP Essential. WP Starter now costs just $3.75 per month and WP Essential costs $6.95 per month.

The range for dedicated hosting has been put out between $119.99 per month to $191.99 per month. Most importantly, VPS servers have been presented in the range of $19.99 per month to $79.99 per month.

Fatcow has also presented some extra features like free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, pre-installed plug-ins, cloud storage, curated themes and 100% wind powered hosting. These deals are now live.


TMDHosting Black Friday

TMDHosting comes 5th in this list as the company has offered 50% discount for each and every plan. Since inception, the company has risen to a great success which has been possible with their dedicated services.

This year, the company has presented 3 major plans for the customers as a part of their web hosting deals. The 1st one is the starter pack which costs $2.85 per month. This pack also includes optimum cache, cPanel control panel, premium support, unlimited SSD space and bandwidth.

The 2nd package is Business which costs $5.85 per month including 128 MB memcache instance, wildcard SSL, unlimited website hosting, SSD space and bandwidth. Professional package is the 3rd and last one. This plan costs $12.85 per month with every feature included plus users can fully customize it.


eHost Black Friday

eHost is offering 50% discount in their 2016 Black Friday web hosting offers. eHost has been around for the last 15 years and the company seems to have mastered the art of web hosting, and their popularity is evident to this.

With this flat 50% discount, the customers have to pay just $2.75 per month. Besides offering this great discount, the company has also included features like free SEO and marketing tools, site analytics, photo galleries, free website builder and templates, free domain name, Yahoo/Bing advertisement credits worth $100 and $50 support suit.

For availing these offers, customers simply have to visit eHost’s official website and follow the web hosting discount instructions given on the home page.

What’s the wait?

With lucrative offers like this, it’s just silly to miss them out. So make sure that you don’t miss out these best deals of the year. For what it’s worth, you will only get rewarded at the end with these amazing offers.

The Internet’s Output is Data, But Its Product is Freedom

I said that in a personal discussion with a friend, and he replied:

There are assertions of verifiable fact and then there are invocations of shared values. Don’t mix them up.

I meant this as an assertion of fact, but re-reading it after my friend’s feedback, it comes off as simple flag-waving, since I’d compressed the technical part of the argument out of existence. So here it is again, in slightly longer form:

The internet’s essential operation is to encode and transmit data from sender to receiver. In 1969, this was not a new capability; we’d had networks that did this in since the telegraph, at the day of the internet’s launch, we had a phone network that was nearly a hundred years old, alongside more specialized networks for things like telexes and wire-services for photographs.

Thus the basics of what the internet did (and does) isn’t enough to explain its spread; what is it for has to be accounted for by looking at the difference between it and the other data-transfer networks of the day.

The principal difference between older networks and the internet (ARPAnet, at its birth) is the end-to-end principle, which says, roughly, “The best way to design a network is to allow the sender and receiver to decide what the data means, without asking the intervening network to interpret the data.” The original expression of this idea is from the Saltzer and Clark paper End-to-End Arguments in System Design; the same argument is explained in other terms in Isenberg’s Stupid Network and Searls and Weinberger’s World of Ends.

What the internet is for, in other words, what made it worth adopting in a world already well provisioned with other networks, was that the sender and receiver didn’t have to ask for either help or permission before inventing a new kind of message. The core virtue of the internet was a huge increase in the technical freedom of all of its participating nodes, a freedom that has been translated into productive and intellectual freedoms for its users.

As another of my friends put it, the Internet means you don’t have to convince anyone else that something is a good idea before trying it. The upshot is that the internet’s output is data, but its product is freedom.

Where to Get Good Web Hosting?

There are many hosting companies around nowadays, I would say maybe a few thousand. Who do you turn to for hosting? What different types of hosting there is which you require? There are many different types of hosting and without the basic knowledge of the Internet your not going to know what type of hosting do you want.

What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

There are billions websites online on the Internet and that number is increasingly growing , and all those websites are being hosted by a web host provider, But what type of hosting is good for you? Do you require a dedicated server? a VPS? or just plain shared hosting?

Shared Hosting

If you plan to just have a wordpress blog then mostly you’d just want a basic shared hosting which should cost you nothing more than $5 a month depending on how many Database’s you get with it , disk space and bandwidth. But if you are going to run a very busy site with loads of downloads direct from your website you may want to think about buying a VPS or a Dedicated server to keep up with bandwidth demand! The last thing you want is to be on the wrong package and then run out of resources.

Ask Sales

Many web hosts now a days offer sales support before you buy so if your not quite sure what package is best for you then you can contact them and they will offer you the best package tailored for you , or in some cases they will offer you a customized plan just for you!

There Are Many Plans

Also web hosts usually don’t just have 1 plan! They have about 3 to 5 plans in their shared hosting , which can differ from bandwidth allocation to how much storage you get to how many MySQL Databases you are given. Those will change the price for your hosting but even still you should not be paying more than $10 a month for your hosting , unless your being offered unlimited that is, Which of course we know is not unlimited as you cannot have a unlimited hard drive now can we? You can have unmetered but not unlimited. Unmetered is usually when the host does not meter or tap your disk space, although if you seem to be using to much they may limit or tap your usage and they may suspended your account for a little while.

So the next time you need hosting, look around, look at reviews and see what others think!